Are You Looking for a Roommate, but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Whether you are searching for single dad or single mom friend, we are here for you, and we want to help.

Signup for free today and explore what Paremates can do for you. There is a happier and more fulfilling life out there for you, and we are here to help you connect with other parents.

Why Paremates Matters

Start forgetting those lonely moments of single parenting and explore what life can bring to you. If you are looking to combat loneliness or desire to find single mothers house sharing, Paremates is here to help make those connections.

Our vision is to create a reliable and supportive community that aids in the multi facets of daily parenting life. Not just for each single parents’ sake but for their children and the community as a whole.

Your Child’s Future

Ever considered other single mom roommates? Or searched for “rooms for single mothers”? You may have decided on a fantastic school, but simply cannot afford to move to the area. With a roommate paying half of the bills, now you can. With Paremates, you can can start making those connections, giving you the freedom to select the school you want for your children.


Do you feel that you have become caught in the ‘hamster wheel’, giving little, if any, consideration to your well-being or social life? When you are partnered with another parent, you can freely connect with new people, join a gym, or take up classes that you have never had time for.

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With a desire to make genuine connections, Paremates strives to support those single-parent families who need us most.

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