How To Make Friends Online – Tips To Begin Conversations.

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Are your friends always hooked to their mobiles? Do you find them chatting and having a great time? I am sure they are into online friendships. Today internet has emerged as the most happening place for socializing. People rely on virtual friends for warmth and support. Do you also want to make online friends? We know many people like you deter from joining the virtual world because they don’t know how to begin conversations. Should you message someone? What should you write? Will it be okay if you ask this? These thoughts prevent them from making friends online. Read on; we are here to help you bust these fears.

The World Of Online Friends

We crave human interactions. We need a social life wherein we can share our thoughts, talk about our feelings and belong to a society. This need has led to the emergence of online friends with whom we can connect anytime, anywhere, and create meaningful relationships.

The greatest advantage of making friends online is that it is time-saving and best for shy people who prefer to keep to themselves. At the end of the day, if you want to relax and spend some time with your friends, try online friendships.

How To Make Friends Online?

Most of us use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While Facebook is for connecting to offline friends and relatives, Twitter is most suitable for meeting like-minded people from across the globe. However, if you have any specific interest or are looking for friends from your professional line, or simply want to exchange ideas, you may join apps that are dedicated to making friends only.

Snapchat, Friender, and Bumble BFF are popular forums for making friends. Apart from these, platforms like Reddit are also known for virtual friendships.

When creating your profile on these sites, please pay attention to your bio. Mention your interests and hobbies so that like-minded people can find you easily.

How To Send The First Message

So, you have joined a site or community and are ready to make new friends now. All that you need now is to contact people you like. Shooting the first message is often the hardest obstacle. You can use these ideas to frame an impressive message that will help in breaking the ice.

Pay a compliment – This is the easiest thing to do, and that never fails. Study the profile of the person you want to befriend. Do you find any post or photo that stands out? If yes, write a compliment for that. You can write, “Saw your travel photos of Italy. They are outstanding.” Or, “your videos on your pet are hilarious. Please keep posting.”

Congratulate them on their achievements. “You completed the expert level in Crusader Kings! Congrats.”

Comment on their recent post – If you like any post, be frank and say it. “Thanks for writing on an investment portfolio. I am going to follow your advice.”

Concur with their views – If your potential friends are into gaming or any sport, and you also follow it, show your interest. “So, you are into soccer. Which team do you support? Btw, I am a big fan of Chelsea.”

Ask a question – This almost always works if you ask a valid question. You can ask for recommendations on bikes if you follow a probiker. Gym enthusiasts would love to answer your queries on protein shakes or the type of equipment they use.

Send a direct message – Instead of commenting on a post, you can send direct messages complimenting them or sharing your thoughts. Messages like “Your dog is adorable. I am planning to get a pet for myself. Which breed should I choose?” are positive and sure to elicit responses.

Things To Remember While Commenting Or Messaging

Here are more tips on framing your first message.

  1. Be polite. You are here to make friends, so be civil while talking to anyone. Don’t use foul language and criticize anyone. You may not concur with their views but put your thoughts politely without hurting anyone.
  2. Be positive. Saying negative things, criticizing unnecessarily, or trolling is never going to earn you friends.
  3. Refer by their names – Instead of just a ‘hi’, if you say, “hi, Steve”, it is going to make a strong impression.
  4. Don’t make personal remarks. Unless you know someone for sometime or are good friends, refrain from making personal comments. Public posts are for general comments. For personal remarks, use the chat feature.
  5. Give suitable replies. Check the comments on your posts and personally reply to all the messages. If you are late in answering queries, apologize.

Choose a few dependable and reputed sites for making online friends. Visit them regularly and post your views so that you grab attention. Interesting and valuable information, funny pics, and jokes attract people. Study the profiles of those users who are famous and have many friends. By following them, you can make friends more quickly.

Be positive, use the internet judiciously, and very soon, you will develop a group of friends with whom you will love to spend your free time.

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