What is Paremates?

Paremates is an online oasis for single parents aged 18+, providing an avenue connection, shared experiences, offer support, and build friendships. This platform acknowledges the unique struggles and joys of single parenthood, offering a sense of understanding that only another single parent would understand. While there is a chance these connections could become something more, friendship is at the heart of this platform.

Who Created Paremates?

Paremates is the thought child of Chase Broady, in direct response to the isolation and loneliness epidemic throughout the single parent commmunity.

Drawing inspiration from the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” And, with Paremates, he is on a mission to help every single parent find their village.

Unlike the saturation of dating apps that many use to try and bridge the gap from loneliness to companionship, he wanted to take a unique and necessary approach, offering a space for friendship and connection.

How Do You Use Paremates?


This is what Paremates is all about. Finding other single parents and groups that not only understand and support you but add value to your life. Paremates continually adds new groups and forums for a variety of topics.


You can send pictures and emojis to all of your connections either individually or as a group. Asking about a group another parent might be in or forum is a great way to break the ice.


Each group is a community that bonds around a central topic. This could be gardening, fitness, reading and many more. You can join as few or as many as you desire. Groups make it easier to meet other parents that have mutual interests as you.


These are areas where parents have the freedom to ask questions, give feedback or share stories with a broader range of parents.

Where Is Paremates based?

The Paremates team is HQ’d and operated within the United States.

Is Paremates for Moms and Dads?

Yes, Paremates was created with single moms and dads in mind. Whether you are divorced, widowed or not in a relationship with your child’s biological parent.

How much does Paremates cost?

Paremates is free to join and use for all single parents, but we do offer extra services that can be bought.

Do You Offer Actual Rooms for Rent Or Sale?

No we do not. We do not display any specific single parent housing or rooms for rent at this time.

Do You Have A Pros And Cons List Of This Type Of Living Arangement?



Do you feel that you have become caught in the ‘hamster wheel’, giving little, if any, consideration to your well-being or social life? When you are partnered with another parent, you can freely connect with new people, join a gym, or take up classes that you have never had time for.

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With a desire to make genuine connections, Paremates strives to support those single-parent families who need us most.

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