How To Find The Right Roommate

1 Start by making a list of what you want in a roommate

Finding a roommate who is exactly like you is impossible because everyone is unique. However, you can find a roomie who is a great fit for you. If you’re renting an apartment for the first time and don’t know who to live with, consider finding a new friend in the same situation. But how do you find a trustworthy roommate who meshes well with your personality? A good first step is developing a roommate wish list. Your specific list will be unique to you, but here are some things to consider. What personality traits do you want in a roommate? Do you prefer someone introverted and laid back or outgoing and funny? How clean do you want your roommate to be? What type of relationship do you want with your roommate? Do you want a new BFF or just someone to share space and expenses? How many roommates do you want? Think about yourself and your own qualities as you make this wish list. Consider your cleanliness preferences and lifestyle. Lastly, think about the type of person you could see yourself being quarantined with. This can help you identify the most important qualities in a roommate.

2 Location, Location, Location

Finding the right place to live as a single parent can be a challenging decision. There are several important factors to consider, such as:

  1. Transportation
  2. Climate
  3. Demographics
  4.  School District
  5. Job Opportunities
  6. Health Care
  7. Crime Rates
  8. Distance To Family And Friends
  9. Culture

One important step is to visit the areas you are considering before making a decision. Take the time to explore the neighborhoods during both the day and night to get a sense of the atmosphere and safety. Additionally, check out the local shopping areas to ensure they meet your needs, and test out your commute to see if it is manageable. By taking these steps, you can make an informed decision and find the best place to live for you and your family.

3 Sign Up

Your social media networks are great places to find a new roommates and keep track of who’s available or not.

If you’re looking for someone to live with in a new city, you can start with your social media feeds. No, we’re not recommending that you go online to any old place to find a roommate. Instead, we suggest starting with places where you already connect with people. Or a trusted site designed for that specific reason.

Posting a simple message on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter can help you connect with people in your network, who may be looking for a new roomie. Not only will this reach people you’re connected to, but it may also catch the attention of someone who isn’t looking for a roommate but knows someone who is. This can help you make an introduction so that you can see if this is a good match.

How you can help

If you have come across a suspicious listing or a user, then report them using link on their listing page or through the messaging system. If the problem happened offline then remember to send screenshots to so we have the evidence we need to investigate.

4 Ask the right questions when you find a potential roommate

Once you have identified a potential roommate who seems compatible, it is important to conduct further research. Compare their personality and preferences with the qualities that are important to you, as outlined in your roommate list. Additionally, before making a final decision to live with a new roommate, it is advisable to ask more specific questions to gain a better understanding of their lifestyle and habits.

  1. How often do you clean?
  2. Have you ever paid your rent late?
  3. How often do you have parties or invite friends over?
  4. What is your schedule like?
  5. Do you have pets or want pets?
  6. At what temperature do you like to keep the thermostat?
  7. Do you smoke?
  8. Do you have any dietary restrictions?

If your potential roomie provides answers that mesh with your preferences and lifestyle, you can feel confident about taking the next step.

5 Determine what is most essential to both roommates.

Communication and compromise are essential in the roommate relationship. As a result, when choosing a roommate, take the time to explore what is essential to each of you in terms of choosing an apartment, living together and parenting styles.

This discussion goes beyond simply debating whether it’s okay to leave dirty dishes in the sink or have overnight guests. It should also address the following issues:


You should decide how much rent you’re both willing to pay, as well as how you’ll split the cost of rent and other common costs. You can divide the rent evenly, utilize an online rent calculator, or divide the rent based on room size and amenities.

Apartment amenities

Each apartment has a unique set of amenities. Some apartments, for example, have an in-unit laundry room with a washer and dryer, but others have a communal laundry room for the entire complex. Other flats may not provide laundry services at all. You’ll need to agree on which amenities are required and which are optional.

Apartment size and number of rooms

It is also critical that you and your roommate agree on the size of the apartment to rent, as well as the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you require. You’ll also want to have a discussion about who gets which bedroom.

Having these chats early on is critical as you look for the perfect roommate. They can also help you maintain a positive relationship with your roommate.

6 Try An Extended Visit

If you actually want to know what it’s like to live with your possible roommate. A full or most of the day is an excellent approach to test the waters. You will be able to observe firsthand how your children interact, personality, how the other roommate interacts with other people, lifestyle, and a variety of other variables that may assist you in making a selection. A few crucial aspects to consider are cleanliness, openness to communication, and places that may cause arguments.

Nobody is perfect, but chemistry is required for a roommate relationship to work. Even if your prospective roommate does not meet every requirement on your list, as long as you can cohabitate without major disputes, things should be fine.

7 Write and sign a roommate agreement before taking the plunge

Before you move in, draft and sign a roommate agreement.

You might believe it’s time to sign that rental agreement now that you don’t have to worry about how to find a roommate in a new city. It turns out that you should first sign another agreement: a roommate agreement.

This agreement, unlike your lease, does not include your landlord. It is only between you and your roommate. The idea is to specify various roommate rules and expectations so that you can avoid future disagreements.

Your roommate agreement can include almost anything. However, we propose that it address the following topics at a minimum:

Paying for utilities and communal expenses

Almost every apartment includes some utilities, so you’ll need to decide how you and your roommate will split the cost. You’ll also need to select how to pay for other common expenses such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and groceries.

Cleaning and Rules for guest and noise

The cleaning schedule and chore assignments should be included in this part of the roommate agreement. Consider everyone’s sleep schedules and establish quiet hours. It is also important to establish rules regarding the frequency of guests for parties and overnight visits. Including sections on food and mealtimes, pets, and thermostat control may also be beneficial. Clear guidelines are essential for a positive roommate relationship.


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